Afsana Ahsan Jeny

PhD student
Project: Robust and trustworthy AI for analyzing 3D mammograms

Ankit  Bhardwaj

PhD student

Project: Multimodal analysis of omics data and histology images

Sahand Hamzehei

PhD student
Project: AI for analyzing mouse brain multiplex microscopic images

Mostafa Karami

PhD student
Project: Analyzing single cell sequencing data and images

Bingjun Li 

PhD student

Project: Integrative analysis of genomic data using statistical machine learning

PhD student

Project: Deep Learning robustness and interpretably for analyzing biomedical images

Masum Shah Junayed

PhD student
Project: Deep learning for analyzing biomedical images

Samson Weiner

PhD student

Project: Copy number variation detection  for single cell sequencing data, developing Bioinformatics online learning modules



PhD students

Jun Bai.                            PhD May 2023, Assistant Professor at the Cincinnati University

Tianyu Wang .                 PhD August 2021, Research Scientist at Meta

Fatemeh Zare.                 PhD  September 2020, Postdoc Researcher at Harvard School of Public Health 2021, Bioinformatics data scientist III at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Dina Abdelhafiz               PhD   Feb. 2020, Researcher at City of Scientific Research and Technological Applications “SRTA”, Egypt

MSc students

Abdelrahman Hosny      MS    May 2017, PhD students at Brown University

BS students

Lana Kareem                   BS     May 2023, Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Yijiang Yu                         BS     May 2020

Thomas Davis                  BS     May 2019, Computational biologist at the Broad Institute

Nick Moteleone               BS     May 2017